Sunday, March 1, 2015

Pre-ride days

Thursday 26th March. 2 days pre-ride.

Left Melbourne at 0600 hrs today. Some trouble with getting our new spare bike onto the trailer bike rack so it has ended up on my car. Neither of us has had much sleep overnight as we are our usual agitated selves. I think I got around 3 hours last night but I was feeling fine. WE changed our original plans of me picking up Melanie and now Collis will do this and then he will go via Tullamarine to pick up Roger. Roger has flown in from Adelaide. 

I catch up with them at Wallan after having my first McDonalds in an absolute age. We travelled in tandem to Albury where we picked up Annie first and then Jane. Annie had been riding around Mt Buller for a few days and Jane flew in from Perth. From here we head to Corryong. Collis gets a blown tyre on the trailer on the road up and lucky Roger was in the car with him to assist with the changing of the tyre. It was shredded.
Went to the pub for dinner which I really enjoyed- I had the fish & squid and everyone else went for the steak- tough.
Early to bed as I was totally exhausted and slept like a log.

Friday 27th March. 1 day pre-ride.

Collis and I headed off early to pick up Theo who was flying into Albury from Sydney. We had to stop first at the Tyre Power for a new tyre and of course it took us forever to find the place which made us a little late picking up Theo. Collected him and drove back to Corryong where Collis had to eat lunch quickly and then turn around and go back into town to pick up B1, B2, Julien and Gareth who were all coming in on the XPT from Sydney at around 3 pm.

We all headed out to the pub again for dinner and everyone enjoyed their meals more than last night. Lots of smoke hanging around town still apparently from controlled burning.

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